It flows through me Like a waterfall It drops me over the edge It sends me reeling End over end.   Bubbling up, like the tiny Bubbles in a boiling pot of water Slowly growing in size until all that is Left is the bubbles   It fills me head to toe It climbs, that … Continue reading Energy

Tread Lightly

The pain was not gone, not lessened, only dulled, masked and hidden, deep in my awareness, laying dormant and waiting to strike anew.   The time finally came and it happened, like a snake lying in wait in the long grass for its next prey to come by.   It struck, hot as iron, as … Continue reading Tread Lightly

So You Want to be a “Writer”

A conversation I've been hearing quite a bit lately is that people are afraid to say the words "I am a writer" when someone asks them what they do. Why is this? Is it really that shameful? Is it scary? I can honestly say that I've never had this problem. My response to multiple questions … Continue reading So You Want to be a “Writer”

Strange title for a book, I've been told. Honestly, I usually just smile and shrug. See, my first poetry volume was published, finally! And that, Unwinding My Mind, is the title. I thought it was appropriate, considering the majority of the themes I cover in it are an exploration of living with mental illness. I … Continue reading Unwinding My Mind

Unwinding My Mind


I have this darkness brewing within me that I never expected to feel. It's growing daily, leading me into places I never expected to find myself. See, I've always seen myself as a really good person. Someone who would never find herself in a dark place, let alone welcome it. Which is exactly where I … Continue reading Darkness

My Obsession With Lord Byron

Hi. My name is Lauren and I am an addict.... So should start every conversation that I have. My addiction isn't drugs or alcohol. It isn't gambling or sex. It's much less noticeable than that. Instead it's poetry. Not just any poetry though. Specifically that of George Gordon, Lord Byron. Yup, that guy. The Romantic … Continue reading My Obsession With Lord Byron